Friday, October 7, 2022

What I'm Watching: Ramy (Season Premiere)

Ramy: Season 3, Episode 1 “harry potter” (B+)

It’s great to have this show back, and I hadn’t realized that it’s been more than two years since the end of season two. The recap was helpful since I had forgotten how Ramy had so spectacularly messed up his marriage to Zainab almost right away and how mad Malik was at him. This episode started off on a different note, with Ramy giving this long inspirational speech about how amazing it is to get married, something that he of course hasn’t experienced but was more than happy to recount in order to sell a diamond ring. His newfound business arrangement seems to be demonstrating his skills very well to his Jewish colleagues, so much so that he might go to Israel in order to meet with his new boss in person. I was thrilled to see Molly Gordon back for the first time since episode three of season one as Sarah, who didn’t seem very impressed with Ramy’s commitment to his principles, and she wasn’t willing to stick around since he obviously only wanted to meet her so that they could have sex. Telling her he wasn’t “in a situation where he could be non-profit” and challenging her ideas as something only a rich person would say weren’t great tactics to rebuild a relationship, but then he got to take the moral high ground when his faith was co-opted by a self-proclaimed witch who claimed to have shared the same experiences as him. I was also excited to see the great Peter Macdissi from “Six Feet Under” as Salim, one of Ramy’s more sophisticated business associates. I hope to see more this season of his new girlfriend who won’t let him sleep over, Naseem’s ranked hatred of different minorities, Ahmed’s medical diagnoses, and the family discussing what to do about staying in or leaving their home. There’s also great music which I’d love to hear on a regular basis this season.

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