Saturday, May 15, 2021

Round Two: Hacks

Hacks: Season 1, Episode 2 “Primm” (B+)

The second episode of this show did not disappoint, as it showed how the relationship between Deb and Ava isn’t going to be easy to foster, and every minimal success Ava thinks she’s achieved is actually infinitely less progress than she believes. The fact that Deb starts her day at 5:30am and Ava can barely pull herself out of bed at 10:30am isn’t even the crux of it, and anytime Ava complains about the legitimately bad treatment she’s getting, Deb is going to ignore her since she feels like she overcame so much to get to the place where she is now, which involves such absurd struggles as having to barter for a $10,000 pepper shaker and waiting for a helicopter to show up after a flat tire in the desert, and the far more real issue that Marty is trying to sabotage her career, crab billboards and all. Kayla is absolutely fulfilling the role of the unbelievably terrible assistant, and I enjoyed the chance to meet another person in Deb’s circle who has managed to take the good things – like the hand-me-down Rolls Royces – and focus on them instead of anything else. I’m glad that Ava just going back to talk to the antiques dealer didn’t work and that instead she had to do something very dramatic to leave with the shaker, which of course earned her the privilege of digitizing everything Deb has ever done rather than actually spending time with her. It’s probably Jean Smart’s delivery, but the best line of this episode was her response to Ava asking her for guidance on jokes: “Yes, there should be more of them, and they should be funny.”

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