Monday, May 24, 2021

What I’m Watching: Trying (Season Premiere)

Trying: Season 2, Episode 1 “A Nice Boy” (B+)

I’m so happy that this show is back since it was absolutely one of my favorites in 2020 and seems to fly way too under-the-radar given its quality and charm. This opener wasn’t actually all that much about Nikki and Jason’s relationship but instead about how they were watching their best friends be torn apart, dueling even during the baptism itself and coming up with new names for their baby son on the fly. I enjoyed that they went with the priest’s name since it was a neutral compromise, but that was about all they were able to agree on until the end of the episode and Erica jumping in to the water to save the plant made things suddenly seem a lot less contentious. Freddy was being the worst as he expected Nikki and Jason to drop everything to go pick up all of his stuff when Erica wasn’t home and then complained to them that they had forgotten one item. Jason did manage to put him in his place, but Nikki just seemed so floored that they were able to simply move on after a heated argument. Nikki declaring the entire male gender unsalvageable because they might turn into Freddy, Jason made a decent case for how they could turn out okay, and they may well be on track to getting this boy that Penny told them ahead of time would be available. Let’s just hope that his sneaking olives is just that and not a metaphor for a more significant yearning for something he doesn’t presently have.

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