Thursday, May 13, 2021

What I’m Watching: This Is Us

This Is Us: Season 5, Episode 14 “The Music and the Mirror” (B+)

That opening montage of Beth opening her studio just as the pandemic started was very moving, perfectly capturing what a lot of people have experienced in the past year. There was a lot to what that meant for her since she had dreams as a child and always had Randall enthusiastically encouraging her, and it was sweet that Déjà convinced Randall that he shouldn’t save her but should instead just be there for her, which he managed to do in exactly the same way he was when she didn’t want to go to the ballet in college. Kate’s flashback was particularly poignant, and it was great that she had this moment of sincere connection with her mother so many years after telling her not to rely on her as a source of pride. I’m glad that Madison didn’t start with her terrible potential greeting to Rebecca, and that her future mother-in-law ended up being a real source of comfort when her father responded to tell her that he wasn’t going to end up coming to the wedding (I suspect he may still show up). I thought Kevin was going to be genuinely happy that the director was so pleased with him, but the movie being terrible ruined that, and apparently his career. Chatting with Zoe was hopefully just a reminder of how much he’s grown since his previous relationships, and maybe he’ll decide that supporting his family is the most important thing even if it means that he has to compromise some of his current lines in the sand about what he’s willing to do.

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