Monday, May 10, 2021

What I’m Watching: Shrill

Shrill: Season 3, Episode 6 “sorry” (B+)

I had the chance to interview John Cameron Mitchell shortly after watching this episode, and he was exactly what I would have expected – just as unfiltered as Gabe but considerably more noble as a human being. This was a fun opportunity to see Fred Armisen, who overlapped briefly with Aidy Bryant when the two were on “Saturday Night Live,” and this was the latest role he’s taken on that finds him indulging in the peculiarity of his characters. Though Gabe is meant to be the focus of Annie’s attention, of course he’s not, and it was nice to see her get a redo of sorts with Will at Amadi’s party. Things didn’t start out much better when she was awkward and he once again pointed out that he’d rather not keep rehashing it, but it was sweet that she came in to help him do dishes and delivered one of the most honest and heartfelt apologies I think I’ve ever heard, certainly on television. Amadi coming in with dishes and then turning right around because, as he knew originally, he was right to set them up was a fun moment, and we’ll see where all this goes from here. Fran meeting Em’s parents – and her horse! – went pretty well, with plenty of sarcasm from Fran about just how rich they apparently are as great revenge for how Em charmed Fran’s mom in a way that almost made her look bad. I think this great couple is going to last, provided Fran actually wants something permanent.

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