Sunday, May 23, 2021

Take Three: Hacks

Hacks: Season 1, Episode 3 “A Gig’s a Gig” (B+)

It’s definitely true that Ava isn’t treated well, but she doesn’t exactly do much to recommend herself, like being caught by Deb trying to take a naked photo while she was supposed to be endlessly digitizing the library of all of her work. Ava also doesn’t do a good job of following directions or respecting her new boss’ privacy, bringing the envelope from her sister to her and then taking it out of the trash despite repeated instructions to leave it alone. Deb also showed that she’s more than capable of hitting back when she feels that she’s been wronged, picking on Ava as the girl with the big hands on the tour bus, making another joke about her physical appearance, and then sharing the embarrassing moment from earlier with everyone there. The brief peek we got into Ava’s social life was informative, since she and Ruby were clearly not on the same page but there was still affection there which meant that it wasn’t entirely Ava’s fault for not moving on. I was pleased to see Brent Sexton from “The Killing” and “Justified” as the father of Jimmy’s terrible assistant, who went out for lunch but of course wasn’t going to bring her boss back anything despite that being her job. As if Deb and Ava’s relationship wasn’t bad enough, there’s also clearly a strain on her dynamics with Marcus and D.J., potentially preventing a relationship with the water cop for the former and eviscerating any self-confidence that her adult daughter might still have.

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