Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Round Two: Halston

Halston: Season 1, Episode 2 “Versailles” (B+)

Five episodes is not a common length for a show, and it’s strange to think that we’re almost halfway through this story. But, thus far, it’s all been very interesting, and we’re being introduced to new characters and situations that only make it more appealing. Bill Pullman is an actor I think I associate most with his role in “Independence Day,” though I know he was also in “Surveillance,” which was a very different part, and has played in numerous other projects the past few decades. I like the quiet excitement that comes alive in him when David Mahoney describes the proposals he has for Halston, and he’s a businessman very capable of dangling incredibly enticing opportunities without making them sound like they’re anything notable, like the figures he suggested to Halston as he tried so hard to get him to consider his fantastic offer. Halston, of course, isn’t much of a team player, and he walked around throwing tantrums when he found out that he would have to share Liza and that he wouldn’t be going last. I also enjoyed that he was walking around New York complimenting women’s dresses because he knew that their response would be, “Thanks, it’s a Halston.” There’s evidently much more fame and fortune to come, but his ego is surely going to get in the way. Eleanor knows how to deal with him, and I do hope that Kelly Bishop earns deserved Emmy consideration for her scene-stealing turn and superb delivery of all of her lines.

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