Monday, May 24, 2021

What I’m Watching: Rebel

Rebel: Season 1, Episode 6 “Just Because You're Paranoid” (B)

It’s disappointing that this show isn’t going to continue for another season, but unlike another cancelled ABC show, “Call Your Mother,” we at least have a four installments left before it’s done, meaning that there’s plenty that can happen during that time. It was jarring to see the lengths that Angela went to in order to conceal the fact that she was actually working for Mark Duncan, and that of course didn’t work given that she still had to run out of Cruz’s bedroom when she knew it was over. It also doesn’t speak well to Duncan’s purported goodness since he’s playing this responsible corporate entity who’s doing clearly illegal and devious things. Cruz and Rebel did not handle their interrogation process all that well, managing to anger all of their suspects who it turns out were all trying hard to do the right thing. Cassidy should have known that coming home to work with Luke wouldn’t go over well with Amir, and he showed up at exactly the wrong time. Misha and Nate seem headed for a better place, even if she’ll return to her fast-talking, no-nonsense self once they’re both sober again. It’s good to know that Sean is a good guy and that Grady was at least willing to give him a second chance, offering some stability for Ziggy as her parents’ relationship once again deteriorates. Lanalee sprang into action when Angela bolted but now seems to have ended up in a bad situation, and it’s hard to know whether a supporting character on this very large ensemble is invincible or expendable.

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