Saturday, May 29, 2021

What I’m Watching: Hacks

Hacks: Season 1, Episode 5 “Falling” (B+)

It was good to see Ava interact with other people over the course of this episode, not that either of those ended up working out particularly well. I enjoyed her banter with the front desk agent who had no interest in helping her until he felt so bad for her because of how uncomfortable her interaction with old friends was that he gave her a pity toothpaste. I recognized Madeline Zima from “The Nanny” and “Californication” as Ava’s old friend who seemed somewhat happy to see her but quickly lied to her about them having plans before letting slip later on in line for the club that she was directing the next Marvel movie. I thought that Ava should have bonded with the new addition to the group because she was similarly-minded, but Ava doesn’t stop to think much and instead just acts in the moment. The guy she met was truly what she needed, and their night of many highs and many drugs was really quite wonderful. The fact that he jumped out the window and killed himself was a dark turn, but instead of this show letting Ava sit in that grief, she just has to keep going as if everything is normal and wait for Deb to listen to the voicemail and chew her out for it. Deb wasn’t particularly polite to Ava when she met her with her new friend, and she’s also cutting Marcus out because she feels like he’s being too honest and disloyal. Blackmailing Marty and ensuring that his ex-wife showed up at the table to light a fire under him was bold and direct, and she’s gradually making sure that any of the friends she has left aren’t going to want to help her when she needs it most.

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