Friday, May 7, 2021

What I’m Watching: Home Economics

Home Economics: Season 1, Episode 5 “35% of Allied Harness and Sling Ltd, $3,000,000” (B+)

One of my favorite things that happens in TV shows is when characters who don’t typically interact get to share scenes, and that totally happened here with Connor and Denise. Her use of breathing techniques that she finds successful in her second graders to calm Connor and Sarah down when they were at each other’s throats made it seem like she wouldn’t have bothered to pay much serious attention to him, but the use of her talents definitely swayed her, even though she got a little too into the competitive nature of it all and lost the $85,000 she made only moments later. Marina also wanted to feel useful and noticed, and going back in to work showed her the parts of the job that she hadn’t been missing. Tom kept saying the wrong thing when he told Marina she looked good and suggested that her job wasn’t hard, and the fact that he went to great lengths to make the house look messy again after he thought he had cleaned it was very funny. Naturally, he forgot to pick up one of his kids and failed to appreciate that he shouldn’t be rewarded for realizing just a few of the things that go into maintaining a house. Sarah found some value in the work she was doing even though most of her clients were ridiculous or just trying to get something out of her, and it’s a step back to something like how she wants to be spending her time. Connor confirming that it’s not clear what he does and asking whether being unethical is a disqualifier for the mentor position were reminders that he’s hardly a believable character but a fantastic and highly entertaining one.

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