Saturday, May 22, 2021

What I’m Watching: Big Sky (Season Finale)

Big Sky: Season 1, Episode 16 “Love is a Strange and Dangerous Thing” (C+)

I honestly didn’t know how this finale was going to leave things since we got this entirely new storyline and set of characters midway through that appears to have been mostly killed off, with only the women left standing. That takes us back to the original villain of this show, Ronald, who has now been rewritten as this impossibly clever and manipulative mastermind who, despite being incapable of resisting demeaning criticism from his mother, has no problem holding the upper hand against three trained law enforcement officials and orchestrating his rescue from their custody. I don’t think that Rick would have read Ronald into the details of his trafficking operation, and even having access to the hard drive feels like a stretch. It’s clear that Ronald’s twisted morality involves an emphasis on caring for certain people and fighting the rest of the world, and now, as I suspected, the future is going to be all about Ronald and Scarlet on the run, looking for Phoebe and then trying to escape to whatever future awaits them. Jenny’s injuries appear to be much more severe than just a flesh wound, and Cassie getting angry and taking a cruiser full of guns isn’t going to do much to fix that. This show has at least been different than a lot of what I’ve seen, even if its plotting is often thin. Given that it’s a show I started watching with family, I’ll probably continue in season two even though I know I really shouldn’t.

Season grade: C+
Season MVP: John Carroll Lynch as Rick

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