Thursday, May 27, 2021

What I’m Watching: In Treatment

In Treatment: Season 4, Episode 2 “Colin – Week 1” (B+)

Now here’s a fantastic actor that I’m thrilled to see is a getting a role that’s absolutely perfect for him. I liked John Benjamin Hickey a lot when I first saw him on “The Big C,” and I enjoyed his subsequent appearances in “The Good Wife” and Eytan Fox’s “Sublet,” though I could never get into “Manhattan.” The way that he delivers his lines is just so fantastic, and he uses that energy here to create a character who thinks he knows everything yet isn’t nearly as in control as he’d like to think he is. I don’t know if she’ll be back, but I was happy to see Madeline Zima from “Californication” and “The Nanny” dropping Colin off at the session, and she made an impression even if she was there just for a moment. It’s good to see Brooke fighting back and refusing to let Colin dictate the terms of the session, teasing him about his comments about Black people before containing any response to his regressive statements that he dismissed as just part of who he is and his authentic self. He is a strong representation of people who would like to excuse their actions and worldviews as simply the most effective or reasonable outlook, regardless of how that makes certain populations or individuals feel. I like that she resisted the incursions into her own personal life and how he tried to reduce the value of her profession, and having this be in person was a welcome change from the Zoom session Eladio had that I thought would define this entire show. I’m eager to see Colin again.

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