Wednesday, May 19, 2021

What I’m Watching: Call Your Mother (Penultimate Episode)

Call Your Mother: Season 1, Episode 12 “The Raines Games” (B+)

I was sad to learn that this show has been cancelled by ABC and that tonight’s season finale will now be the last episode produced. It’s a shame since I did find this show to be very enjoyable, and I thought it had potential to develop as a perfectly traditional sitcom that still found ways to be funny. This episode was the perfect example, bringing everyone together as Jean clung desperately to the idea of being the more ideal family while every person in the room learned a lesson about what was most important. Though she’s often portrayed as an airhead, Celia was very tuned in to what was going on and how Jean felt, and her proposal of split holidays so that her family could also get to know Freddie was logical and actually quite sweet. Jackie putting on an entirely fake personality to impress Nick seemed like a bad idea, but apparently her deception wasn’t a problem and he was ultimately enticed by the real her once she was forced to be honest. Danny got extremely competitive during the games while Sharon and Lane played referee so that they could drink, and the use of the stick device during the not-game feelings session created a humorous scenario for everyone to spout off their true feelings. While some aspects of this show are indeed very formulaic, I’ve enjoyed it overall and would have loved to see more. Let’s hope that the finale offers some sort of satisfying closure and that these actors, especially Rachel Sennott, who plays Jackie, get great roles in the future.

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