Monday, May 31, 2021

What I’m Watching: The Kominsky Method

The Kominsky Method: Season 3, Episode 4 “Chapter 20. The round toes, of the high shoes” (B+)

I was glad to see that guest star Morgan Freeman was used in exactly the way he should have been, simply showing up in the opening scene and showing that he was more than capable of subverting Sandy’s class and using it for his own aims, or rather for a fun little bit of improv. Sandy’s response of “Are you saying I’m not the horse?” was a highlight of that exchange. In the aftermath of Sandy having to apologize to Martin, it turns out that he was right to be concerned, since Martin went overboard with his purchase of a new car and his plans to break ground on a home theater. Sandy’s new dynamic with Roz was fun, and it was entertaining to hear them talk about how they used to not like each other and to see Roz pour more salt on Sandy’s food after chastising him for having it in the first place. Identifying herself as a replacement for Norman was astute, but of course it was also indicative of her declining medical condition, one that’s sure to change things for everyone. I’m not sure if it will affect Sandy’s big break role in Norman Levinson’s new movie, which is an interesting development. I like Levinson’s work, which includes “Rain Man” and “Bugsy,” and I thought that he fit in well on this show, especially as a friend of Norman’s. Phoebe and Robbie’s desperate efforts to get Sandy to give them money are getting worse and worse, but they show no signs of giving up anytime soon.

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