Sunday, May 9, 2021

What I’m Watching: Shrill (Season Premiere)

Shrill: Season 3, Episode 1 “ribs” (B+)

I’m glad this show is back and ready to tackle it in a timelier fashion, as opposed to the few months it took me to get through season three after I stopped watching it for many weeks following its premiere last January. I wasn’t sure where things were going to pick up with Annie newly single after her long-‘delayed breakup with Ryan, and the opening scene of this episode was terrific. It’s very good to see Annie standing up for herself, not bowing completely to the pressure of making her date feel good about himself about his size confession and certainly not tolerating his mistaken approach with a hand covered in barbecue sauce. She lucked out at work when Amadi told her that she and him were the only ones not getting their hours cut – information that apparently the entire office knew – and she got the chance to flirt quite a bit with Nick, a potential relationship that seems healthy even if he’s not looking for something serious. It’s fun to see Patti Harrison as Ruthie and notice her presence much more after her starring role opposite Ed Helms in the recently-released “Together Together.” Gabe is just as crude and self-involved as ever, announcing his book deal as everyone else was having their jobs cut back. Fran not even knowing how to talk to her clueless client about cultural appropriation was entertaining, and it seems like she’s pretty happy at the moment, which is a good sign after her recently meandering path. That final scene with the horrible doctor was pretty terrific, and it’s really something to see this new Annie not taking things lying down.

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