Friday, May 28, 2021

What I’m Watching: The Flash

The Flash: Season 7, Episode 11 “Family Matters, Part 2” (B)

Well, this all came together in a way that didn’t involve many casualties and instead spoke to the Flash’s mantra of never trying to kill anyone but instead finding another solution. That wasn’t looking too good for a while, especially as Bashir followed up on his clever illusion with some secret communication with Alexa designed to wrest control of the situation away from Iris. Nora did seem like she was turning into a villain, and collateral damage was going to be a certainty with all of these forces going up against one another in the middle of Central City. Fortunately, good prevailed, and Nora being shown a future where the speed force was all alone with nothing else around it was a sobering reminder of what was important, and they were all able to work together to fix things after that. I like that Barry and Iris have finally stopped talking about their future children as something that might happen, and now we might be at the point where Nora is being rewritten into the timeline. Cisco’s departure is creeping up as he’s being forced to give an answer on a new job, and that news is going to prove devastating to the team. I’m baffled that Frost was released so quickly after being given a life sentence, and while she’s enjoying her current crush, I think things will get much more serious quickly when Kramer finds out that she’s, at least in her mind, again a threat to society.

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