Thursday, May 27, 2021

What I’m Watching: Mare of Easttown (Penultimate Episode)

Mare of Easttown: Season 1, Episode 6 “Sore Must Be the Storm” (B+)

That opening scene with someone in the hospital was ambiguous just for a second, and Mare’s recovery was confirmed at the same time as Colin’s death. He really was a terrific character, and it doesn’t help that multiple other people remain strong suspects for things other than abducting Katie Bailey. Mare getting slapped by Colin’s mother when she went over there to give her condolences was brutal, but Mare did get a much sincerer and more heartwarming thank you from an emotional Dawn. Even Tony seemed remorseful about the way that he treated Mare, and Brianna retreated from her previous stance to try to help in whatever small way she still could that wasn’t received as all that genuine by law enforcement. Dylan has become an increasingly unsympathetic character, especially in his vicious efforts to track down Jess and ensure that she didn’t continue talking to the police. A distraught Mark is now in custody, but it seems that he’s said as much as he knows. The Ross brothers, on the other hand, have considerably more to hide, and Lori didn’t hold out very long under questioning given what John had just told her about Billy. It’s a simple reveal regarding Billy being the one to kill Erin, but it seems increasingly likely, especially from the Chief frantically telling Mare to stand down and wait for backup, that John is complicit in some way, even if it’s just him being the father of Erin’s baby. One more episode won’t be able to resolve all the mess that can be found in this town, but there’s still plenty to be unpacked and covered.

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