Thursday, May 13, 2021

What I’m Watching: The Flash

The Flash: Season 7, Episode 9 “Timeless” (B-)

In theory, this is exactly the kind of episode I should have been on board with, since I’m a big fan of time travel and the notion of rewriting the timeline, even though I’m not sure I fully understand the quantum theories in place here and how defensible they are. It does beg the question of why Barry doesn’t run back through time to change events more often, especially if he’s able to bring people back to life, or why the legends aren’t just on standby since they have a literal timeship that can just go anywhere at any moment. But it’s not worth dwelling on that because this is the show we have, and it was a nice opportunity to see the original Harrison Wells again as he showed up to affirm that Cisco should do what he wants with his life as he made the (predictable based on the announcement of Carlos Valdés’ impending departure) decision to leave Central City with Kamilla. We already saw how Team Flash and Team Citizen were able to go about things with a different perspective, and that neither approach was wholly right since Barry was going to take away part of what defined these people and Iris wasn’t actually able to convince Psych, whose abilities she could resist, that he should choose a different path. I’m not sure what all this means going forward, but I suspect that will take up a good portion of the next few episodes as Team Flash prepares to do what they tend to do best – emphasize the good in people rather than just trying to exterminate their enemies.

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