Wednesday, May 12, 2021

What I’m Watching: Mare of Easttown

Mare of Easttown: Season 1, Episode 4 “Poor Sisyphus” (B)

This show is turning into something different than it’s been so far, proving with its last few scenes that it’s intent on being a dark, haunting thriller and not just a grim, moody drama. Dawn not calling Mare to report the fact that someone had called her to say that Katie was alive and could be sent home if she brought money turned out to be inconsequential because it was just Freddie trying to score some cash for himself. But then the final scene revealed that Katie was in fact alive and being held by some menacing captor who has now taken another girl. Mare being suspended doesn’t help matters, and of course she was only honest with her family about why that was. Colin was ready to come to her defense to his mother even before she showed up at the door, and him asking her out but only if the answer was yes was an intriguing twist to the lighter side of this show. It’s just a shame that Richard already asked her about the same night, even if she hasn’t officially made up her mind yet. The flashbacks Mare had to when Kevin was trying to steal from her and threatening her were disturbing, and they explain why she so despises Carrie, who broke down in tears at the idea of Mare working so hard to ruin her life. I’m not sure what Siobhan’s new relationship has to do with anything, but Becca being in the house while they were about to have sex and then knocking Helen over when she ran out caused quite the panic. While Mark is definitely hiding the nature of both his transfer and his relationship with Erin, I don’t think he’s actually responsible for her death, but we’ll see.

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