Tuesday, May 25, 2021

What I’m Watching: Trying

Trying: Season 2, Episode 2 “The Sun on Your Back” (B+)

I enjoyed the opening description of Jason as not a cartoon character but someone who needs more than one outfit for work now that he’s a manager, though it didn’t help him much since he struggled considerably to get everyone’s attention and then promptly lost it when he couldn’t stop looking at his phone. Getting management advice from a typically smug Freddy was obviously useless, but his American girlfriend turned out to be much more helpful, and she’s infinitely more intelligent and put-together than expected, though Freddy is hopeless to keep up with her. Nikki was not the center of attention as she went wedding dress shopping with her mom and sister at the store that was hilariously operated by a husband who didn’t know what to call sleeves and was startled by the price of the garment that he was selling. That was a fun and dramatically effective outing, punctuated by her mom commenting that she’s always been happy and that she just wanted Karen to smile. Penny’s bad news burst a bubble of overinvestment that included her drinking out of a mug labeled James, and the park event might have changed all that had the comic delays with the wrong park and the tourists on the bus not caused them to miss it entirely. But Nikki seeing the one girl who didn’t want to go and finding her princess wish in the trash was almost better, and it looks like hope may be on the horizon. On a more humorous note, I enjoyed Jason’s defense of his having forgotten most of his martial arts moves: that his opponents wouldn’t be able to see them coming if even he didn’t know what he was doing next.

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