Tuesday, May 11, 2021

What I’m Watching: Shrill (Penultimate Episode)

Shrill: Season 3, Episode 7 “beach” (B+)

I couldn’t remember if we had seen flashbacks featured previously, and even though I know, after talking to writer and executive producer Lindy West, that this episode had been filmed before anyone knew it was going to be cancelled, it’s typical timing given that it’s the second-to-last installment of the show. Having Aidy Bryant and Lolly Adefope play the younger versions of themselves worked fine, and I don’t think seeing other actresses in the roles would have made it any more believable. Annie’s deference to her terrible friend who had no real interest in her showed how much she has changed over the course of the show and refused to let people get away with walking all over her. It was nice to see that her first time also coincided with Fran’s first true expression of her self, and that they bonded over that and started their close friendship from that moment. Will really is impossibly sweet and perfect for Annie, and his reasoning about not wanting to have sex because he was worried about it given his one previous relationship made a lot of sense, provided it isn’t going to always be an obstacle for the two of them. Fran and Em are also headed on a great path, and moving in together is almost as big a step for them as it is for Fran and Annie, who are now going to need to redefine how they spend time together and navigate their friendship. I’m excited for what will come in the finale but also sad to say goodbye to this great show.

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