Thursday, May 27, 2021

What I’m Watching: Black Monday (Season Premiere)

Black Monday: Season 3, Episode 1 “Ten!” (B)

I’m honestly very surprised that this show is still on since I don’t know anyone who watches it and I’m curious who exactly it might appeal to. I like it because it has echoes of “House of Lies,” another Don Cheadle-starring Showtime series that I liked very much, and because it’s just so committed to its absurdity. Just as things changed in a big way between seasons one and two, that’s true again here, with Mo looking older and more buttoned-up in his latest wild ventures, which included a music label and trying very hard to get Dawn out of jail. She did seem much happier being in charge of the whole operation there and getting luxurious meat sandwiches and lobster brought to her, and she managed to figure an easy way out by getting her fellow prisoner to confess to far more serious crimes than she had previously alleged. It’s strange not to structure things around financial trades, but this show has done a good job of developing all of its larger-than-life characters, so it all still works. Though they’re not always on exactly the same page, Larry and Keith do have an entertaining and effective rapport, and they’re both relishing the opportunity to lord anything over Mo. Blair’s congressional life wasn’t nearly as glamorous as he had hoped, working in a closet where every single passerby stopped in to fart, and he was about to go and change it all before he got shot. I’m not sure whether he’s actually dead, which would be a shame given Andrew Rannells’ value on this show, but there’s something to unpredictability, I suppose.

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