Sunday, May 9, 2021

What I’m Watching: Shrill

Shrill: Season 3, Episode 2 “will” (B+)

It was interesting to see how Annie reacted to being set up with a person she thought Amadi had thought of only because of their similar sizes, since her interpretation of that as the only possible quality her blind date could have to interest was a snap judgment that he didn’t deserve. He was awkward, but she made things impossibly worse by texting Nick from the bathroom and accidentally sending it to him. Saying that this was the best date he had ever been on was an unfortunate line that Annie didn’t get was some dark sarcasm. She did appear to rebound from it, warmly welcoming Nick onto the couch next to her as they sat down to watch Fran’s literal second of fame that ended up being a big letdown. It’s great to know that Annie was able to parlay her experience with the doctor into a great story, one that even had Gabe’s semi-backing when he told off and hung up on the doctor when she tried to use the implementation of a new, more aware system to get her to take down her “slander.” Fran appears to have had a very easy time landing herself a new job, though there’s definitely a judgmental crunchy vibe to the place. I do know some vegans but I’m pretty sure I’ve never heard anyone at a loss for words to describe the terribly cruel practice of “barbecuing.” Though he still doesn’t get it, Ryan is making some good headway towards leaving Annie alone and acknowledging what it means to give her space, unlike his distribution friends.

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