Sunday, May 23, 2021

What I’m Watching: Call Your Mother (Series Finale)

Call Your Mother: Season 1, Episode 13 “Jean There Done That” (B)

It’s hard to be invested in the outcome of this episode when this show is completely over, but that’s not anyone’s fault since this installment was surely filmed long before anyone knew that would be the case. It was a pretty big step for Jean to bring Danny back to Iowa with her simply because they couldn’t get any privacy (though that door managed to lock just fine later on when Freddie and Jackie once again tried to burst in), and Jean regressed quickly into old habits of avoidance. I thought the issue might be that her house was impossibly messy or that there were photos of her husband everywhere, but instead it was just her not wanting to commit, something she opted to do in the end by returning to LA since apparently flights between Iowa and California are very easy to book last-minute. I knew that the children’s investigation into Danny as a serial killer wouldn’t lead anywhere, but it was more just fun to see them spin their conspiracy theories brought on by the disturbing content they were choosing to watch. I do feel that, though this show wasn’t always superb, it was consistently enjoyable, and the main cast was great. Kyra Sedgwick was a good fit for the lead, and, as I’ve mentioned previously, I’m eager to see what some of the younger cast does next, particularly Rachel Sennott, who played Jackie, Joey Bragg, who played Freddie, Emma Caymares, who played Celia, and Austin Crute, who played Lane. I doubt it will earn any Emmy attention, but I’d be happy if it did.

Series grade: B
Series MVP: Rachel Sennott as Jackie

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