Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Round Two: Common Law

Common Law: Season 1, Episode 2 “Ride-Along” (B)

This show is definitely the kind of fare made for the summer, since it’s considerably lighter even than most of USA’s series, and hasn’t yet found ways to best incorporate ensemble players like Gary Grubbs to make the entire ensemble worth watching. Captain Sutton sharing too much information about his sex life wasn’t entirely necessary, and I feel like this show can do better. I am pleased that Dr. Ryan chose not to let Travis wonder about whether or not her relationship with her boyfriend was serious, instead answering his question so that it wouldn’t linger and keep him thinking about it. Her presence on the ride-along proved to be entertaining, as both Travis and Wes felt the need to constantly bring her into the conversation in an effort to get her to side with each of them in the argument of the moment. The case ended up being layered and full of twists, resulting in the rescue of the hostage wife who was also the killer they were looking to arrest. I heartily enjoyed Travis’ vested interest in helping to pick out a new car for Wes, emphasizing cup holders and speakers above all else. Wes’ marriage is sure to be a constant subject of conversation, and I liked finding out more about his romantic tendencies from the chatty hotel employee who gave Travis altogether too much ammunition to use to make fun of his partner. At least Travis didn’t get a date out of the encounter, which seems to be an unusual turn of events for him.

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