Monday, May 7, 2012

What I’m Watching: Parks & Recreation

Parks & Recreation: Season 4, Episode 21 “Bus Tour” (B+)

I love how Leslie’s campaign has allowed the characters on this show to find new roles and contribute in often disruptive and occasionally meaningful ways. The sight of Andy walking around in his FBI jacket is particularly entertaining, and I enjoyed his episode-long investigation into the pieing of Jerry, which included multiple reenactments and his successful identification of Joe from Sewage as the culprit, which somehow didn’t allow him to prevent the pieing of the intended victim, Ben. The death of Nick Newport provided yet another opportunity for Jennifer to manipulate an action by the Knope campaign to her advantage, making it seem like she and her team were using Nick’s death to try and draw voters by pulling up in a big bus with her face on it. Fortunately, Bobby isn’t all that bright, and despite stealing Leslie’s story, he did invite her up on stage and tell people to vote for her if they didn’t vote for her, exclaiming that they both did it. Next week’s election-centric season finale will be interesting, to be sure, no matter what the outcome. Jennifer’s abandonment of the campaign was a major win for Chris, who was so destitute and not swayed by April’s surprisingly sincere pep talk. Ron, Tom, and Donna’s visit to a greedy van renter played by Mike O’Malley from “Glee” was a blast as well, and the highlights had to be Donna’s reaction to her car being hit and Tom’s desolation at the notion of his idea being stolen.

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