Monday, May 21, 2012

What I’m Watching: Touch

Touch: Season 1, Episode 10 “Tessellations” (C+)

Watching this episode, I was convinced it was the season finale, and its ending seemed like a decent point to end on from which to pick up next season. Afterwards, however, I learned that the show’s two-hour finale airs on May 31st after a week off, meaning that there’s still more time left in which to discover something monumental about Jake’s capabilities and how his mind works. This hour milked the Jewish connection to present an extraordinarily dumbed-down version of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, presenting two people in love and simplifying a situation down to promise rings and kissing out on the street in public. This was the first time that someone explicitly called to explain that the numbers had been changed, as Martin received a call from Avram’s Israeli cousin stating as much. I didn’t realize that Avram is played by Bohdi Elfman, the Scientologist husband of Jenna Elfman. We’ve already been told to accept Kabbalah and the 36 righteous people, and I feel like the way Jake communicates is a secret better kept than explained. It seemed that Abigail was inclined to help Martin ensure that Jake wouldn’t be institutionalized, but Clea’s determined detective work revealed a far more malicious interest in her nephew, one Martin is sure to be furious about. Despite once again having to utter his “This is going to sound crazy…” catchphrase, Martin did an excellent job of rectifying things by helping more than one person and reinstating his new friend’s insurance so that his wife’s cancer treatment would once again be covered.

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