Tuesday, May 1, 2012

What I’m Watching: The Good Wife (Season Finale)

The Good Wife: Season 3, Episode 22 “The Dream Team” (B+)

This show sure knows how to end its seasons. After a disarmingly casual start with Kalinda, unsolicited, telling Alicia that she’s not gay but flexible and Cary easing back into things at Lockhart Gardner, things slowly became much more serious as the central case progressed. Louis Canning teaming up with Patti Nyholm is definitely bad for Lockhart Gardner since they’re both extremely manipulative, with Louis always stressing his condition and Patti bringing her baby everywhere with her. Fortunately, an eccentric judge didn’t permit Louis to gain sympathy because of his condition, but, unfortunately, they were just the distraction, managing to steal away the firm’s biggest client so that they’d be headed towards bankruptcy. That move caught Diane and Will completely off guard, and it’s going to be hard to recover from that. The elevator scene was hilariously awkward, and Peter and Will have sure come a long way from the way they used to interact. That’s true of Alicia and Peter as well, and that haunting last scene seems to indicate that they’re on the path towards a platonic reconciliation. Peter’s immediate admission that he and Alicia were separated was a pleasant surprise that managed to catch both Louis and Patti very off guard. The bombshell of the episode again involves Kalinda, revealing that she has a husband and that he’s dangerous. The sight of her sitting in a chair with a gun in her hand facing the door was reminiscent of Tony in a similar position at the close of the penultimate installment of “The Sopranos.” I’m sure whatever we see on the other side of the door when the show returns for its fourth season is going to be full of surprises. This season has been terrific, and this show is getting even better as time goes on.

Season grade: A-
Season MVP: Archie Panjabi as Kalinda

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