Monday, May 7, 2012

What I’m Watching: Touch

Touch: Season 1, Episode 8 “Zone of Exclusion” (B-)

It’s interesting to see this show developing and becoming more comfortable with its own format, revealing its connections earlier on in the hour and emphasizing one grander thread encompassing all of its subplots. That works well to an extent, but it also reduces the novelty of each piece coming together at a different point in the episode. What’s also continually disappointing is the emphasis on who gets custody of Jake, which has now extended beyond Martin’s involvement being in jeopardy to Clea no longer being assigned to Jake’s case. I’ve never been impressed with Sheri as a character, and I think that Martin’s increased ability to connect with his son is far more compelling than the drama about the threat of impending separation. Twin sisters separated at birth finding each other after not knowing the other existed while their father sat in the front of a taxi with the man that forced their separation in the back of the cab made for a great storyline, and I liked how proud Martin was of himself when he managed to catch Dr. Knox and tell him that he was going to prison. Dr. Knox did rank as one of the more despicable characters yet to appear on this show, so he fully deserved what’s coming to him. It was fun to see Anne Dudek of “House” and “Covert Affairs” pop up as an astronaut clever enough to think of using a ham radio to communicate with her partner in space with the help of an extremely excited cabbie radio host.

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