Monday, May 14, 2012

What I’m Watching: Touch

Touch: Season 1, Episode 9 “Music of the Spheres” (B-)

As has been the case with the last few episodes, this show is developing nicely, but it’s continually held back by this need for Jake and Martin to be kept apart. Sheri is determined to keep a close eye on the two of them, and since they’re going to do what they’re going to do and see each connection through anyway, having her there nagging and threatening isn’t necessary. Calling Clea to presume that she too knows, which of course she does, is the kind of bureaucratic plotlines that should not be present on a show like this. Instead, having Martin play father figure to a 12-year-old running around with a gun is much more what makes this show unique, and bringing their aunt home with her new musician boyfriend to take care of him and his disabled brother was a sweet ending that, unlike last week’s installment, took some time to be revealed rather than making itself obvious at the very beginning. Making Arthur’s roommate a Hasidic Jew working with diamonds is strange, and having him purport a connection to Kabbalah in terms of Jake’s abilities threatens to change the nature of this show to something entirely different, less magical and more mystic. Jake refusing to use the tablet application to communicate words but training Elliott’s brother to do so was nice, and what was most memorable and monumental in this hour was Martin’s acceptance of the fact that Jake doesn’t want to talk, and that they’re going to need to find another way to communicate with each other. This show was renewed last week for a second season, and I’m curious to see if its format or structure changes for its sophomore run.

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Unknown said...

This was the last episode I watched. A decent episode but the story telling on this series in general is just too slow for me. How many episodes do they have to stretch out this "Amelia" mystery?