Thursday, May 10, 2012

What I’m Watching: Girls

Girls: Season 1, Episode 4 “Hannah’s Diary” (B+)

Hannah seems to find herself quite often in ridiculous situations with no way out, and that was the case more than once in this installment. Getting a text with a photo of a penis followed up by “Sry that wasn’t for you” is offensive on a number of levels, and it managed to elicit some memorable reactions from Hannah’s home and work friends. She did an impressive job of standing up to Adam and telling him that she wouldn’t let him treat her poorly anymore, but she couldn’t finish out strongly and instead caved just when she should have walked away. Getting touched inappropriately at work by her friendly boss is extremely awkward since the other employees just let it happen and he even said to her that she should tell him if it makes her uncomfortable, to which she said nothing. Charlie and his friend going through the apartment with no girls present didn’t yield positive results, and Marnie isn’t going to easily forgive Hannah for writing so bluntly about her lack of feelings for Charlie. Jessa’s efforts to start a revolution among the nannies was hilarious, and her losing the kids might have been more problematic if either of the parents actually cared or believed their children. Shoshanna nearly got a plotline of her own when she ran into her old friend Matt, from Camp Ramah, a reference that this Camp Ramah alum enjoyed, though she probably learned that sometimes honesty isn’t the best policy since it ruined her otherwise excellent chances to sleep with her old buddy that was clearly attracted to her.

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