Monday, May 7, 2012

What I’m Watching: Awake

Awake: Season 1, Episode 10 “Slack Water” (C+)

This episode, which largely takes a departure from the show’s recent trend of providing Michael with key information about a case or his life in one universe that proves useful in the other, hinges entirely on one such revelation from last week. I’m not sure why Hannah doesn’t question Michael’s abrupt announcement that Rex got a girl pregnant, since both she and Emma, along with Emma’s parents, couldn’t possibly think that he just guessed it. Their adoption of Emma following her confirmation of Hannah’s suspicion that she didn’t actually want to give up her baby is quite sudden and definitely transformative. You’d think that Michael would want to tell all of his co-workers that he wasn’t actually leaving before he enjoyed the big goodbye party they threw him, since sticking around after such a lavish event doesn’t tend to bode well. Captain Harper, who seems to have a real friendship with Michael, despite her malicious dealings, was especially dismayed to hear about Michael’s cancelled relocation since it means that the hit put out on him will be reinstated to ensure that he doesn’t discover the drug trafficking that he was presumably so close to exposing prior to his accident. A second season for this show is hardly guaranteed, so the show would do well to explain exactly what’s happening over the course of the season’s final three episodes. The other main plotline involving elderly renters and a conniving landlord was hardly memorable, and made that universe’s events rather dull and unspectacular.

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