Wednesday, May 2, 2012

What I’m Watching: The Killing

The Killing: Season 2, Episode 6 “Openings” (B+)

All of a sudden, everything is being connected, as Terry’s opening meeting with Michael Ames links her to the open investigation into Rosie in which Sarah and Holder are making a decent amount of progress. This show really is so reminiscent of “Twin Peaks,” and though it hasn’t achieved that show’s quality or unmatchable weirdness, it is fairly well-done in terms of its execution and its bleakness, and it’s now starting to incorporate a slightly more creative score into its eerier scenes. Stan distances himself even further from complicity in Rosie’s murder in each hour, but he comes closer to getting himself into trouble by following suspects in the case. Being told that he should have been the one to die isn’t going to help him, but at least the fact that Rosie wasn’t his daughter doesn’t mean he’s guilty. Politics are nothing if not complicated in this town, as Ames’ wife reveals that they have an agreement that Michael can be unfaithful so long as he doesn’t leave her. The chief’s arrival at Ames’ home when Sarah and Holder are leaving was unsettling, and there’s definitely more at play than they know, as evidenced by the picture placed on Sarah’s fridge and the man sitting outside Holder’s home smoking a cigarette and watching them after Sarah brought Jack there to keep him safe. Mitch’s storyline doesn’t seem to be headed anywhere, and presumably she’ll return to the fold eventually at a time when she’s most needed in the investigation. Gwen’s return to Darren’s campaign is extremely welcome, especially after he had to go through that probing exclusive, which he handled quite admirably.

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