Sunday, May 20, 2012

What I’m Watching: Apartment 23

Apartment 23: Season 1, Episode 6 “It’s Just Sex…” (B+)

This show manages continued cleverness by having Chloe try to help June become more detached in relationships just as she’s realizing that she cares too much about James to treat him as casually as she used to in the past. As expected, June doesn’t do too well with her assignment, getting far too close to the incredibly dumb soy latte guy as he got depressed by the loss of his parrot. June’s spring cleaning had predictably negative effects, as she accidentally gave away the sex tape Chloe made with James, which sold for $10,000 and was then slated to be leaked. I love how James’ sole concern was what it would do to his image and to his chances on “Dancing with the Stars.” His efforts to get behind it and promote it, even attempting to reshoot scenes sot that he wouldn’t look like a serial killer when he was licking his lips, were entertaining and highly unproductive, mainly because Prince Harry got his own sex tape released at the same time, reminding James of when Hurricane Katrina stole his thunder, just the kind of off-color this joke show has mastered only six episodes in. Supporting characters Mark and Robin are being used well, with the former offering plenty of commentary to keep June’s frantic mind spinning, and Robin serving as the perfect representative of the American public for James when he wanted to get a sense of just how his sex tape might be perceived by the average American female viewer.

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