Thursday, May 24, 2012

What I’m Watching: Girls

Girls: Season 1, Episode 6 “The Return” (B+)

It’s intriguing that this show decided to drop off a letter off the end of its title and focus on just one and follow its primary protagonist as she left the city, showing New York in only two scenes, through Marnie in the opening moments and Adam in the closing moments. Hannah’s trip back to Michigan revealed just how detached she has become from the life she grew up with, preferring the fast pace and diversity of the city to the more mundane happenings of the suburbs. Lying to her parents and telling them that her job was going well and that she didn’t need any financial help is part of her growth into an independent adult, but it’s not going to make things any easier once she returns to real life. Heather is the perfect representative of why Hannah isn’t fit for the suburbs, and meeting Eric at the pharmacy was an interesting development. After telling her parents that she needed to find out what it was like to be treated well, Hannah sabotaged her own date by being too aggressive and impatient with Eric, forgetting that he wasn’t the same type of guy as Adam. Hannah’s parents managed to have some fun while she was out, and though the shower drama was entertaining, I most enjoyed hearing them defend their decision to cut Hannah off, with her mother’s explanation that she needs something to write about being the most strangely compelling. The ending phone call with Adam seemed quite comforting for Hannah, and while it doesn’t change anything, at least Adam has an inkling of what she needs from him.

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