Friday, May 18, 2012

What I’m Watching: Glee

Glee: Season 3, Episodes 20 & 21 “Props” & “Nationals” (C+/B-)

This double-decker of episodes came just as nearly every show is ending and this one airs its finale next week. The first episode described itself well by having Rachel tell Tina that her sudden interest in speaking up was awfully randomly-timed, since the genesis for such an episode was truly random. I imagine a whole lot of effort when into Tina’s dream in which each character had someone else’s face, and it was only mildly effective, with more effort clearly put into some body switches than into others. I felt the same way about having Lindsay Lohan and Perez Hilton guest star in the second hour, which must have cost a fortune and added nothing to the show. I’m glad that Sue’s efforts to get Kurt to cross-dress like Unique were unsuccessful, and crowning her MVP while giving New Directions the top trophy was a perfect compromise. Carmen Tibideaux arriving in the middle of Rachel’s performance was more than corny, and Jesse putting in a good word for her just so that she’d remember his failed audition didn’t add up. It was still fun to see New Directions win the trophy and then get to announce Will as Teacher of the Year, and singing “We Are the Champions” only dampened their modesty a little. Bieste finally leaving Cooter and Emma and Will finally having sex were decent subplots on this show that’s headed full force towards graduation, and a fourth season that hopefully won’t suck since the New Directions will look much different after their best and somewhat brightest head off to college.

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