Tuesday, May 8, 2012

What I’m Watching: Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones: Season 2, Episode 6 “The Old and the New” (B+)

It seems the only way to prove that you’re proper royalty these days is to hack someone’s head off, and Theon doing it himself made for one bloody and unsightly beheading. Yet another purported heir to the throne only makes things more complicated, but fortunately, Bran has Osha on his side, and therefore his escape from Winterfell didn’t take long, so he may soon be reunited with his brother on the battlefield, or perhaps another sibling. Sansa being attacked while out in public was jarring, and she really seems oblivious to the fact that people associate her with the awful king and hate her as a result. There’s nothing quite like Tyrion talking down to Joffrey in front of others, and I do worry that he’ll pay a price akin to what Cersei threatened, to finally love someone and then have her taken away by her. Jon’s made himself a friend in the middle of the mountains, and he’s likely to have some trouble keeping Ygritte in his clutches, though I imagine they’ll both use each other to survive. Robb managed to reunite with the mysterious object of his affection, but his mother wasn’t too impressed with his selection. Arya quite conveniently has a merchant of death at her fingertips, able to command an execution and have it carried out immediately to save her from being found out by Tywin. Their conversation about Jamie’s dyslexia was extremely fascinating. Daenerys’ quest to get ships wasn’t going well, but she’s sure to bring down hell on those that have wronged her now that her people have been murdered and her dragons have been taken.

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