Monday, May 21, 2012

What I’m Watching: Awake

Awake: Season 1, Episode 12 “Two Birds” (B+)

After last week’s big realization, Michael was back at square one at the start of this episode when he was forced to explain to both of his therapists his theories only to have them tell him that he’s making it up. His universe-traveling proved more useful than ever as he managed to follow up with two dead people since they were only alive in one of the universes. Killing Hawkins didn’t do him any favors with Bird, and it’s fortunate that his partner trusts him enough to allow him to investigate, even if he did deliver him straight into the hands of the person behind everything, who asked all the right questions that people tend to before killing the only people that know their secrets. In the other universe, Hawkins managed to kill Bird instead, and Michael’s joy at waking up to see his partner still alive was palpable. Michael being on the run with Hawkins on his tail is not a good thing, and he’s probably going to go straight to Captain Harper with his suspicions, though she at least seems to have a soft spot for him, expressing anguish at the thought of having him killed. Efrem will likely turn out to be Michael’s saving grace since he can’t believe the news and seems to respond more supportively than Bird, ready to give Michael the chance to explain himself and find out just what’s going on. Hopefully the upcoming season finale will provide fitting closure since it’s also going to double as the series finale.

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