Friday, May 18, 2012

What I’m Watching: Smash (Season Finale)

Smash: Season 1, Episode 15 “Bombshell” (C)

Not that this was the episode’s most important plotline, but is there anyone out there rooting for Ellis? He’s been snotty and unsympathetic since his first appearance, and his obnoxious threatening comment to Eileen appropriately got him fired. Poisoning Rebecca, however, wasn’t as bad as what Ivy did to Karen by giving her back the ring and revealing her one-night stand with Dev. Karen running away to cry seemed like the perfect chance for Ivy to swoop in, and she took out, only to have Derek cast her out and bring back his preferred girl, creating one of the most awkward moments of the season, in which Ivy already had on the wig and the dress and had to go tell her mother that she wasn’t going to be playing the part. Annoying as she is, Karen actually did a great job as Marilyn, and some of those musical numbers were truly terrific. Ivy’s attempted suicide is sure to bring more bad fortune on the production as it mark the second star to be hospitalized, but it looks like this role will really make Karen a star. I’m not sure what’s in store for next season, though NBC has decided to hold it until midseason so that momentum can build up once again after all the fall shows have had their chance to premiere. This first season often created strong music (I can’t get “Let Me Be Your Star” out of my head), but the writing was always weak and the plot even thinner. Id still watch next season, but let’s hope for a creative renaissance.

Season grade: C+
Season MVP: Anjelica Huston as Eileen

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