Sunday, May 13, 2012

What I’m Watching: Apartment 23

Apartment 23: Season 1, Episode 5 “Making Rent…” (B+)

Some things are so simple and straightforward that you’d think that Chloe wouldn’t be able to find a way to corrupt them, but she’s resourceful, if nothing else. June’s frantic plan to make and sell jam might have actually been a success, but Chloe decided it would be better to put up cameras around the apartment so that those that enjoyed watching women make jam could pay lots of money to see it on the Internet. Unfortunately, free trial periods are a bummer for those looking to make money, and Eli’s involvement and his dual role as a health inspector meant that June couldn’t even sell the jam at the coffee shop. Robin paying June to let her come in and secretly do things with Chloe made for an entertaining montage, and she’s turning out to be less of an irksome and distracting character than might have initially bee clear. Finishing her toast after plummeting off the railing was impressive, and fortunately June found it in her heart to give that one to her free. I enjoy the fact that Chloe actually likes June best when she finds out that she’s up to something devious. We didn’t get a chance to see much of the front of James’ new jeans line, but it sounded like it was quite painful. What the gay enthusiasm for the jeans did provide was the opportunity for Chloe to spend some more time with Luther, who absolutely despises her. What a warm and wonderful relationship they have.

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