Thursday, May 3, 2012

Take Three: Girls

Girls: Season 1, Episode 3 “All Adventurous Women Do” (B+)

I’ve been hearing that some really don’t like this show, but I’m finding it to be exceptionally interesting and well-written. It’s the kind of show where not much needs to happen in the span of an hour, and instead it’s about the quality of the conversations that feel completely real. Hannah’s discovery of her STD proved to be quite entertaining, and ultimately it says a lot whole lot about Adam, who seems to be a bit of a liar. Her visit with Elijah was particularly fun, as he revealed that he was gay and then got upset with Hannah because she accused him of having HPV, which is apparently something for which a man cannot be tested. Prior to that revelation, the logic that Hannah and Elijah could have sex since they already both have HPV was yet another instance of Hannah letting her mind run wild. Charlie shaving his head in solidarity with his cancer-stricken receptionist isn’t going to help things with Marnie, and she got quite the advance from someone else, so something tells me that that romance is only going to intensify. Jessa smoking pot with the father of the children she’s babysitting can’t be too good an idea, and it seems like they have more in common than she initially realized. I love the episode’s title, referencing Jessa’s attitude about her STD and the fantastic conversation between Hannah and Shoshanna, who, devoid of her own plotlines just yet, is being used perfectly in small, chatter-filled doses.

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