Sunday, May 20, 2012

What I’m Watching: Modern Family

Modern Family: Season 3, Episode 23 “Tableau Vivant” (B+)

At first, it seemed like this might be a duplication of the family portrait episode that closed the show’s first season. Instead, it’s a funny and fresh take on pent-up frustration that built between all of the different family members for a variety of reasons. Alex upset that her art teacher didn’t know her name resulted in a failed project that got her an “I expected better” coupled with her real name, giving her just the victory she wanted. Luke getting credit for putting out a fire even though he was the one who started it was amusing, especially since Manny was so upset about it. The best quote of the night came from Manny: “I play by the rules; where’s my medal?” Phil and Mitchell both thinking that the other wanted him too much was amusing, and I liked finding out about Phil’s stress blinking and hearing about how he tried to break up with Claire but he was so nice that she didn’t realize it. Cam trying not to use the word “No” with Lily and pissing Claire off with his innovative parenting strategies was a lot of fun since they’re too of the most easily offended characters on the show. Claire’s reaction to being told that she’s a know-it-all by Phil was perfect, and her garbage disposal stunt was quite funny. Gloria’s observation that “They named you after a sandwich” to Jay was the funniest part of that particular plotline, but even if not every joke is a home run, this show is still a winner.

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