Thursday, May 17, 2012

What I’m Watching: The Big C

The Big C: Season 3, Episode 6 “Life Rights” (B+)

This show continues its parade of guest stars by featuring Allison Janney as zany film producer Rita Strauss, who has plenty in common with her good friend Joy. Telling Paul and Cathy that she wanted to buy their life rights and have Leonardo DiCaprio and Sandra Bullock play them was quite a surprise, but things took a turn for the very negative when she brought up Cathy’s death scene. That kind of talk is morbid even for this show, and it’s definitely going to drive a wedge between Paul and Cathy, and one less literal than the big hole smashed in the wall by Cathy. Having Dave fix the crib and be her contractor isn’t a smart idea since they’re going to get too attached, but it’s clear that Paul isn’t even sure that he wants the baby, which is going to cause more of a problem. Cathy’s secret life as Alexis continues to spiral out of control, as she’s now taken to accepting phone numbers from flirtatious male clients. Sean’s decision to meet a client following a conversation spurred by his desire to make Adam good meals looks like it’s going to lead him down an interesting path. Brian D’Arcy James is the ultimate example of actors being infinitely better on cable since he’s so much more terrific in just a few short scenes here than he is on NBC’s “Smash.” Sean’s in for a wild ride with his new friend and his wife, and he’s hardly going to be in a position to judge Adam for what’s he doing in the bedroom.

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