Thursday, May 17, 2012

What I’m Watching: The Killing

The Killing: Season 2, Episode 8 “Off the Reservation” (B+)

Things got more intense than ever before as Sarah panicked about the phone call she got from Holder and then railed against Lieutenant Carlson for denying the search warrant. She managed to change his mind quickly and the discovery of a bloodied Holder in the woods after the extensive search was haunting. Holder’s sister was sure not happy to meet Sarah, and at least she honored Holder’s wishes and passed along the matches so that Sarah could go meet Mary and find out more about Rosie’s past. Stan’s search for further information about his dead daughter wasn’t fruitful either, as the one potential lead was actually just a psychic trying to get Stan to pay her to be connected to Rosie one more time. Others don’t seem as enthusiastic about his bounty either. Darren still getting questioned about killing Rosie is understandably irritating to him, and going to tell Mayor Adams that he knows that he was responsible for doctoring the photo is definitely a game-changing move. As tends to be the case with this show, things aren’t optimistic by episode’s end, with a furious Lieutenant Carlson demanding Sarah’s badge. Sending Jack off on a plane was far more emotional, and Holder showing up just as the plane was taking off was a good sign of their positive relationship that’s clearly been strained in the recent past, and they both look incredibly determined to get to the bottom of Rosie’s case and finally make a big break that will put them ahead for once.

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