Thursday, May 17, 2012

What I’m Watching: Veep

Veep: Season 1, Episode 4 “Chung” (B+)

Selina should know by now that she shouldn’t make inflammatory statements anywhere near a microphone or a camera. Gary’s efforts to get the sound guy to disregard what he had just heard didn’t go well when he led with an accusation about the equipment malfunctioning. Somehow, it wasn’t a total loss for Selina, as the families of the victims of the accident proved to be rather right-wing in their attitudes toward immigrants, though Chung contended that he was actually a second-generation Chinese-American, despite what Selina may have said offhandedly after her interview. Selina is clearly stressed, and it’s both interesting and disturbing to see her act on her frustrations with rather public and indiscreet political role play with her secret boyfriend, played by Andy Buckley of “The Office” fame. It’s not often that Amy and Gary find themselves agreeing, but listening to Selina on the phone with Ted gave them some rare common ground. Jonah continues to be a hilarious nuisance, and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing him come in wearing shorts because it was a Sunday and then return only hours later wearing pants, claiming that he had realized that the shorts were a big mistake. Being told he couldn’t just make up acronyms didn’t seem to phase him, and I’d love for him to keep going since they’re all so funny, though I’m not sure he’ll ever top his matter-of-fact pronunciation of FDOTUS. It’s alarming to think that we’re already halfway through the season, but fortunately this show was renewed for a second season several weeks ago.

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