Saturday, May 26, 2012

What I’m Watching: Apartment 23 (Season Finale)

Apartment 23: Season 1, Episode 7 “Shitagi Nashi” (B+)

Leave it to Chloe to have her own Japanese comic book series. This episode broke down June and Chloe’s relationship, as June clung to the notion of finally being friends with the cool girl and saw that slowly being taken away as her liver proved entirely unable to keep up with her roommate’s. June’s excitement at going bowling was met with predictable trickery on Chloe’s part, but June turned the tables by actually getting to know the man behind the comic book, who immediately started writing about her instead of Chloe. I enjoyed the end of the episode, told in graphic novel format with a play-by-play of what, unsurprisingly, happened when they went out to celebrate their reconciliation. I was glad to finally see Dean Cain show up to defend his honor, though all he really did was brag to James about how he knew that his dressing room was six inches larger. Luther’s near dismissal was a good scare, but clearly James values him enough to take Fred Savage’s dressing room and make it a closet for Luther to work in and get yelled at by James when he’s feeling a lot of pressure. I liked the tie-in between June’s former life and James’, as James remembers that June sent him a script involving being forced to teach algebra, which he gave to the FBI since it was creepy. This show has proven to be quite entertaining in one short season, and it’s nice that it will get another chance to prove itself with a second season, set to air this fall on Tuesday nights at 9:30pm.

Season grade: B+
Season MVP: Krysten Ritter as Chloe

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