Thursday, August 2, 2012

What I’m Watching: Alphas

Alphas: Season 2, Episode 2 “The Quick and the Dead” (B+)

Things definitely haven’t gotten completely back to normal, and this team is having some serious trouble functioning properly. I’m so pleased to see Gary back, first very angry that someone stole his pudding and then talking to everyone about Cameron’s relationship with Dani. His initial logic that Cameron wouldn’t kill him because that would be premeditated murder was improved upon by his later conclusion that he’d kill Cameron first because he gets up at 7:42. On a less comic note, Dr. Rosen and Bill arguing about who should be in charge and about Dr. Rosen’s ego was quite troublesome since they’re definitely the unifying members of the team. While Gary and Rachel are back on track, Nina is continuing to spiral out of control. Hanging up a stolen piece of art in her office was just the beginning, and finding out about Gary’s relationship with Dani sent her over the edge. Using her abilities on Dr. Rosen was the final straw, and though she’s likely made the desired impression upon him, he’s probably not going to give up since she’s bound to end up on the wrong side of things eventually. Eli proved to be a compelling misguided villain, and, as usual, the pursuit scene was the coolest since Bill amped up to charge after him. Dani using her powers to make Eli younger again was a perfect solution, and it’s a shame that he got shot anyway since these particular Alphas could really use a win one of these days.

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