Wednesday, August 22, 2012

What I’m Watching: Wilfred

Wilfred: Season 2, Episode 9 “Service” (B+)

This episode got off to a bit of an odd start after Jeremy proclaimed the unfortunate demise of their product due to their competitor being the first out of the gate and then gave a rousing, inspirational speech before committing suicide in his office. Only on this show would such an event be almost entirely dismissed, relegated to a quick comment from Ryan and the first of several shots of Wilfred with a bloody mouth and a story about nibbling on his corpse. Traveling to see Ryan’s mother with Kristen was a breath of fresh air for Ryan since they really are kindred spirits, but the death of Mittens clearly sent Catherine spiraling further into jolly madness. Wilfred was much better behaved than usual, exuding less harshness in his constant complaints about needing to get back in order to do his daily routines in the neighborhood. It was obvious that Ryan’s vacation from real life would be short-lived, and that Kristen and her meds would catch up with them eventually. Ryan’s initial panic at the notion of delivering Kristen’s baby was expected, and it’s great that he managed to work up the courage to help out and make a crucial connection that may benefit him in the future, though it’s not likely given how Kristen has managed to twist every positive in Ryan’s life in the past. With Amanda avoiding coming to work, Ryan can use all of the human friends and all of the human contact he can get at this point.

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