Thursday, August 2, 2012

What I’m Watching: White Collar

White Collar: Season 4, Episode 4 “Parting Shots” (B+)

This show managed to systematically return everything to its natural order in just four episodes, which is quite impressive, especially considering they were all intense and invigorating hours. It’s great that Peter was too enticed by the notion of helping close this case to care about ruining his evidence gig, which means that we probably won’t see any more of Brett Cullen’s humorless supervisor. The familiar face in this episode was Laura Vandervoort, best known from her roles on sci-fi series “Smallville” and “V,” as the grieving widow who didn’t so much mind the loss of her husband and was immediately attracted to Neal and his hat. It’s interesting to see Neal hesitant to seduce a wealthy widow, though he pulled off the feat quite well – and speedily – after deciding that it was an acceptable course of action. Neal’s excellent improvisation skills saved her life, giving him and the White Collar division yet another win. Sara’s return was a fun surprise, and while it might be nice to have her around on a full-time basis again, it is awfully entertaining to see her at odds with Neal. The thought of Mozzie spending the day gardening with Ellen was extremely amusing, and it’s a shame that we went straight from that to the sight of her being wheeled out on a stretcher with the marshals assigned to her shot dead in their car. Hopefully Sam can help Neal find out more about who his father was before he too becomes a target.

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