Sunday, August 5, 2012

What I’m Watching: Burn Notice

Burn Notice: Season 6, Episode 7 “Reunion” (B+)

This crew never seems to be able to focus on one thing, as Sam and Jesse are pulled away to help out Elsa’s son Evan while Michael and Fiona focus on tracking down a presumed-guilty Rebecca. It’s interesting to hear Evan profess the fact that this was his mess and Sam and Jesse didn’t need to be involved, since we know that it’s the furthest thing from the Michael Weston and Company philosophy to leave people to deal with their own messes. After taking their stolen loot on the road from those that had commissioned the sale, namely Richard Burgi’s angry loan shark, Sam and Michael did pull their usual distraction-heavy scenario, in which they called the other bad guys to come track down this set of bad guys, allowing them to escape unscathed. It’s great that Michael isn’t even phased when he receives a semi-frantic phone call from Sam about needing immediate assistance, and this crew is better at improvising than almost anything else. Rebecca’s simultaneous disappearance didn’t bode well as Michael and Fiona invaded the shop operated by Greg Pitts’ greedy donut-eater but then got their sting operation ruined by an overzealous hand-raising visitor. Rebecca coming by Michael’s loft to explain that she wasn’t the one who killed Nate – or Anson – sure suggests her innocence, but that just means that Michael now has a faceless new enemy to track down, with one family member no longer with him but the very useful and determined Fiona back by his side.

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